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rain, rain and nothing else but rain

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The main goal of today was to see more of Hangzhou and more in particularly the West Lake, since it is the most touristic place of the city. But when we looked outside our window, there was just no way this was going to happen today. For some reason the weather gods weren't agreeing with us.

The rain came pouring down, it was just terrible!

To make matters worse, my roommate Tania was really sick and was coming down with a severe cold. No way this was going to be a "happy day".

We decided to have some breakfast, after all we agreed to meet my brother and Mingzhu at the reception desk, and afterwards we could see how things evolved. For all we know, it was just one big rain shower and maybe everything would be fine.

After breakfast, the rain wasn't so severe anymore, so we decided to take our chance and go along with the original plan. Although I must say, the four of us really didn't look forward to it, but what else could we do?

Just to be on the safe side, me and Tania went to one of the little shops near the park to buy an umbrella. After a few minutes this turned out to be a real good investment, it just kept raining and when we eventually arrived at the lakeshore there was even more wind than rain, this was just too terrible for words. Taking pictures of the lake was a really big task of its own. We managed in the end to take a few, but where was the fun of it all!?

We walked further along the shore when all of a sudden it felt like heaven was going to drop on us. The rain kept on coming, it was really unbearable. We chose to leave the lakeshore as soon as possible and searched for some shelter in one of the nearby coffeeshops. Thankfully we found one very soon and with a nice hot cup of coffee, everything didn't feel so bad anymore.

When it looked like the rain had passed, we gave it one more chance and off we went for the second time around. There was stilll a light drizzle but we went through worse just an hour ago so, we could take it. Or so we thought! 

Just after a few minutes when we were back at the lakeshore, it all came down on us again ... "someone" clearly didn't want us to have a nice long walk today. This was just too much for all of us, so we decided to go to the shopping mall where it is comfy and dry. Mingzhu still hadn't got a weddingdress for the wedding in Belgium and now it would be a good oppurtunity to go and look for one. 

Mingzhu tried several dresses, but in the end she hadn't found what she was looking for and to be honest, the Chinese fashion concerning wedding gowns wasn't all what it is cracked up to be, to tell you the truth. But then again, she still has some time left and besides that, she is confident that she would find something over the next few days.

Fitting wedding dresses wasn't an option anymore, we even got bored of shopping, go figure ... the one thing left for us to do was finding something to eat and so we did. We ended up in some kind of noodles "restaurant". You can call it Chinese fastfood or Japanese for that matter because it turned out to be a Japanese food chain, but the noodles itself were actually very good. Me and Tania had a go at some fried noodles with spring rolls, my brother had some rice with beef and Mingzhu took a bowl of noodles soup, I myself call them slurping noodles, hence the sound you make when you eat them. To be more specific, if you have the Chinese nationality!

We kept on sitting in this place hoping that it would stop raining, but tough luck there, when it rains in Hangzhou, it rains for a full day! Much like the weather forecasts already mentioned before, for once, they were spot on so to speak!

Without having much of inspiration on what to do on such a rainy day, we went back to the hotel. Tania was still not feeling very well, so maybe it is better for her, so she could take a rest.

But than Mingzhu comes up with the brilliant idea of going to the hairdresser so that we can have a head massage. We are talking about it for a few days now and wanted to have this done in Shanghai, but with this weather, what else is there to do!?

So we went on a search for hairdressers and ended up at a very big one near our hotel. Since my brother isn't really taken with the idea of someone "fiddling" with his hair, the three of us eagerly have a go. Me and Tania only want a head massage, Mingzhu also wants a haircut. Our "little translator" explains all our desires to the stylist and off we go, ready to be pampered!

And did we ever! It was great, it was fantastic, it was ... there are just no words for it! 

I must say, for me it was a whole new experience, Tania already knew a little what to expect, for me it was the first time, but I loved it very much.

First our hair was kneaded if it was dough, with a little bit of neck massage in the process. After this delight our hair was rinsed and even this was funny, not at all like the salons in Belgium, but I liked it very, very much. I kept on thinking, this is it ... now the only thing left is to dry my hair and then he is done. But I was so wrong! First the stylist cleaned our ears, not quiet pleasant but than again I don't like people picking in my ears. It feels so ... weird!  When this is done, he goes further with the neck massage and he even goes further. Amazing ... neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, I was thinking, keep on going, just give me the full body massage! :)

It was a real pity he stopped after a while, but than again, it is a head massage! The only thing left, was to dry my hair. It looked like I've got the full "program".  He kept on drying and brushing my hair, almost for half an hour and it seemed like he was never going to end. I think he wanted to make sure that every hair follicle (is this even a word???) was dry.

My hairdo was the first one which was finished, Mingzhu soon followed and Tania was the last one. Her stylist had lots of trouble untangling her hair and I really hope she hadn't had to much pain, but in the end it all looked fine.

Now that this moment of fun was over, we decided to go back to the hotel so that Tania could rest a bit.  The rest of us just watched some television or surfed on the internet to check mail and to see how the weather would be tomorrow. It should be fine, the only thing we can do is wait and see!

Tania was hungry after her nap, so we went out again to have a bite to eat and ended up at a French bakery with good coffee and cosy seats. The heavy rain is gone, but still there is a light drizzle, and after a quick stop at the local supermarket, we call it quits for today and go back to the hotel to have a goodnight's rest.

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